Race # 8 Leadfoot Lanes

What a great inaugural race Leo hosted at Leadfoot Lanes and such a fun track that flows really nicely. Everyone seemed to really enjoy our inaugural event there. There were a few hicups however with the timing system, which will take some further investigation at a later date. For some reason the timing system was posting phantom impossible fast laps and at one point Matt was able to accumulate laps in the blue lane while sitting still. There was also one controller which seemed to be having some issues. Despite that the 5 drivers, Henning, Henry, Ken, Leo and Matt had great battles all day long.

The day started off with the IROC class and 3 Fly GT40’s that ran really well. The group had a choice between those and a set of Policar Subaru BRZ’s. The GT40’s were definitely the more popular choice. Leo managed to pull off the top position with the most number of laps, beating out Henry by a single lap. Matt distantly in 3rd in theory managed to pull off what appears to be the quickest lap when you ignore the phantom sub 4 sec laps. Hard to be sure though. Looks good for Matt anyway.

Following the GT40’s were the always fun Nascar’s. In this series Leo and Henry managed to tie with the same number of laps. With Henry’s Best Lap being a sub 4 sec phantom lap, the next tie breaker would then go to best Avg Lap Time which Leo won by 0.009 of a sec. There was some very close racing between those two through the first two race groups. 

Our third race group was the Endurance Classic group. This class had a wide variety of cars from a tiny Porsche 906 piloted by Henning up to a rather large Lola T70 coupe driven by Matt in place of his rather quick red Fly GT40. This group also had Leo once again leading the guys, however Ken this time took over second spot being just one lap down on Leo. Matt and Henry tied for 3rd place with Matt eeking out the Best Lap Time of the two, while Henry held a faster Average Lap Time between them.

The day ended with the really quick Slot.it Group C cars taking the track. This is when the track timing system really started to not be happy with cars running in the blue lane. Phantom laps seemed to overcome the session to the point where in the end we chose to run everyone in just the other two lanes. 

This unfortunately wasn’t the end of our issues. During one heat Ken’s car broke a wire leaving him several laps down I one heat. Fortunately he had time between heats to get the car repaired. Then during Matt’s first heat he also broke a wire at the guide which put his car out for the balance of the heat. Thankfully both Henry and Leo were kind enough to offer Matt a car to compete in his next heat which followed immediately after his breakdown. Leo’s back up World Championship car allowed Matt to get through his last heat and collect some laps.

At the end of the Group C heats it was Leo who came out on top with Henry taking 2nd spot about 3.5 laps down. Leo was also on top with the Best Lap Time over Henry by .05 seconds.  Henning took 3rd overall with Ken and Matt battling for a distant 4th & 5th just 1 lap apart despite each of them breaking down during one of their heats. 

At the end of the day it was Leo who was the big winner for the day… Congrats Leo.


Classic Endurance Pre 1975


Group C

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