Trans AM Proxy Round #7 Kelowna


Round #7 of the Trans AM proxy brought the cars home to Kelowna to race on Lezlie’s Canalami track.   Qualifying was ran on the Thursday afternoon with Lezlie driving  while Rob and Randy marshalled and record kept.  Once qualifying was done the cars were grouped into three’s for the race day.  Sunday July 2nd brought eight KSCC regulars out for the actual race, so grateful for all the help!   The drivers and marshals all did a fabulous job, a number of cars were very surprisingly quick and easy handling with fast lap times in the mid six second range.  After a long five hours of racing forty five cars we completed Round #7!

The Kelowna cars finished fantastic again with all three O2 entrants finishing in the top 10…..great job again boys!

1st Rob 1970 Camaro

5th Lezlie 1969 Camaro

9th Randy 1970 Cuda

Lezlie’s Cortina finished 8th in the U2 class.   The U2 class all the Kelowna drivers admitted is a very tough class of smaller and narrow cars to drive.

Link to the Proxy Round

ta race Canalami 2017 to post

Trans AM O2 podium


Trans AM U2 podium






Qualifying Video

Race Video


overall TA 2017 to post July10

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