Race #7 Tronson Model Speedway

Congrats to Lezlie for taking home the Golden Cobra Sunday afternoon.  Don made it close winning two classes but in the end Lez prevailed in total points.  Rob had a fantastic day crashing and burning in two classes….maybe there should be a trophy for that!?  Newcomer Ken finished on the podium in IROC showing all of us he is a good driver and a future force!   … More Race #7 Tronson Model Speedway

Group 5 Proxy Round #1

The world’s fastest proxy started off with a bang in Maple Ridge, BC at Roger’s beautiful newly built MDF track running at 10 volts.  The cars were flying and very well driven to achieve maximum laps for the fantastic cars in this proxy.  Earlier in the day the three local Kelowna cars  performed very well in qualifying, all three Kelowna cars ended up in the top six qualifying.    The race itself was live streamed on YouTube showcasing the great driving skills of the lower mainland drivers.  At the end of the day Rob finished on the podium tied for 2nd with his BMW M1, Leo’s BMW M1 finished 11th, and Lez’s BMW M1 in 14th … More Group 5 Proxy Round #1

Race #6 DCMR

Another great day of racing at the DCMR track….a lot of laughs, false starts….we had it all.  A lot of laughs at the expense of others but those are the best laughs!  Three different winners in four classes made for a lot of close racing.  The 110 foot track did not allow any under ten second laps until the Group C class speedsters came out with Henry proudly winning Group C.  Congrats to all the winners!!  … More Race #6 DCMR

TransAM Proxy Round 9

Round #9 of the TransAM proxy was ran November 5th in Irvine, California at the Pebblestone Model Car Circuit. The Kelowna TransAM cars in the O2 class performed very well again with Rob’s 1970 Camaro finishing on the podium in second place, Lez’s 1969 Camaro in eleventh place, and Randy’s Barracuda finishing in the twentieth position. Lez’s Cortina in the U2 TransAM class had traction problems and finished 13th. … More TransAM Proxy Round 9

Race #5 Quail Ridge Speedway

Nine racers arrived to race at the QRS track on a chilly -5 Celsius day.   The new Race Coordinator timing software was tested for the first time and seems to work well except for the scratchy voiced female announcer.  New speakers and some adjustments will be happening I guarantee!  In racing, Don made a push for it but in the end home track advantage was too great and the Silver Mustang stays home at QRS this time … More Race #5 Quail Ridge Speedway