Ford vs Porsche Proxy Round 3

Round #3 of the Ford vs Porsche Proxy brought the cars to River Hills Raceway in Lancaster PA. The Kelowna fellas had a mixed bag of results with Lez’s GT40 finishing 14th at 29.875 laps and Rob’s GT40 26th at 27.5 laps. Looks like Lez’s decision to go with rubber tires this proxy was a good decision.
River Hills Raceway is a beautiful 3 Lane wood track 72 feet in length. Elevation changes are 0″ to 27″ with 1/2″ MDF Roadbed, Trackmate Timing System, Matt latex painted surface, and variable voltage (Racing at 12 volts)
Link to the Proxy Round:


FORD results round 3

The Podium


The Grid

38297673611_62358b9090_h (1)

Lezlie’s #54 Ford GT40


Rob’s #10 Ford GT40




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