Race #11 DCMR

Five brave souls battled the elements to race at the Drummond Court Model Raceway. Lots of close battles and in the end congratulations to Richard for winning Race #11 after finishing with two wins and two second place finishes … More Race #11 DCMR

Building MID-BC

The complete story of the MID-BC build that started on November 23, 2018. Thanks to Richard for the plans, tools, material, his garage space, and his time (many days & weekends!) to design and build the framework and table top. Don thank you for the landscaping lessons, landscaping supplies & tools, retaining walls, posts, and trees and most important the moral support! No wonder my track was done so quick with all the expertise and knowledge we have here within our club. Thanks to all! … More Building MID-BC

Race #10 Predator Speedway

Wow talk about pressure on Ken! Going into the final class Ken was behind Lez by one point in the standings but Ken handled the pressure like a true champion and won the Open GT class with the fastest lap thus beating Lez by three points in the standings. Ken remains as the undefeated champion (4 times!) at Predator Speedway, talk about a huge target! Congratulations to Ken for the big come from behind win! … More Race #10 Predator Speedway

Race #9 Lakeview Raceway

Congratulations to Lez for a dominate performance at the Lakeview raceway winning all three classes. Leo and Rob were in a tight battle for second with each taking second and third place finishes. Kevin, John, and Henning all flip flopped taking 4th, 5th and 6th place finishes equally thus ending up in a tie for 4th place…..this is a very rare occurrence! Matt took all three 7th place finishes… … More Race #9 Lakeview Raceway

Race #8 MID-BC

Race #8 was with nine racers coming to tackle MID-BC.  The IROC race featuring Trucks was delayed about mid-way after discovering a relay that quit functioning in one of the lanes.  Racing continued with the rest of the three classes…… in the end congratulations to all and the podium Rob, Lez, and Leo.     … More Race #8 MID-BC

Race #7 Tronson Model Speedway

Thanks Henning for hosting Race #7. This race had so many close results between positions – Group C half a lap between the top three and the difference between fourth and fifth was only 0.2 of a lap. John and Matt tied not once but twice in IROC and Pre 1974 Classic Endurance….now that is close! The fuel came into play with a few results too….It bit Lez pretty hard in the Group C with running out of gas and two critical crashes to knock him out of the Group C contention when he was leading. Congrats to Rob, Don, and Lez for the Race#7 podium! Lez’s fastest lap points in two classes let him reach Don for second place…..amazing how those single points make a diference! … More Race #7 Tronson Model Speedway

Race #6 Autodromo Beira Lago

A great day of racing at the Autodromo Beira Lago. Rafael hosted his first race and it was a blast, thanks Rafael! Lots of close racing along with some parts bouncing down the roadway. Congratulations to Rob, Leo and Lez for the podium and a shout out to Rafael for the fourth place finish squeaking ahead of Henning and Richard by a hair! Henry’s broken guide holder in the last class knocked him out of the battle for fourth place. Congratulations to Matt who finished ahead of Kevin and Chris in the battle of the new racers. … More Race #6 Autodromo Beira Lago

Race #5 DCMR

Thanks Richard for hosting a very competitive and fun Race #5. This race day was very close between most positions and as each class finished final positions was constantly changing. Rob took the DCMR first place title only thanks to somehow winning the final two class to overtake Henry and Richard. Rafael took the DCMR Drivers Trophy with a great display of consistent driving. Thanks to all involved for a great day! … More Race #5 DCMR