Race #2 Predator Ridge

Sunday’s racing brought us way up north to Vernon’s Predator Speedway. The question leading up to Sunday was could anyone knock off Ken who has never lost on Predator Speedway and has a fill of Baby Duck after every race meeting! Once the dust settled sure enough Ken is the race day winner with Lez close behind in his rear view mirror. Congratulations to Matt and John rounding off the podium. … More Race #2 Predator Ridge

Race #1 Tronson Speedway

Thanks Henning for opening up our 11th season with the first race o the 2019/20 season at the Tronson Speedway. Sounds like you had a lot of fun but a broken guide on Don’s Modern Slot.it spelled the end to his shot at winning the Golden Cobra that day. Congratulations to Leo for driving consistent and capturing the trophy for Race #1. We welcome new racer Matt for joining us this season and we enjoy seeing how keen he is to race! … More Race #1 Tronson Speedway

Canalami Raceway Moves!

This Summer of 2019 will always be remembered as the year Lez’s Canalami Raceway moved from Glenmore to it’s new home in West Kelowna belonging to Kevin G. Canalami Raceway was built in 2012 and Lez has hosted numerous races ever since inception. Congratulations Kevin for inheriting a fine race track with a great history and we are looking forward to your new future with the renamed track Lakeview Raceway. … More Canalami Raceway Moves!

2019 Classic Le Mans IV

Wow what a fantastic end to our season with the fourth running of the Classic Lemans! Congratulations to Lezle for the grueling win! Lezlie’s Lola T70 is a custom car with a livery that looks like it would of raced in the classic time period plus a custom self made chassis underneath the Fly Lola T70 body. For Lez there was a moment with a mechanical issue in the final set but a minor body tweak was the issue and no major problem otherwise his car ran smooth and fast! Rob’s Porsche 908/3 managed to pass Don’s Ferrari 412 for second place in the first set of heats and hung in there somehow to stay 3 laps in front of Don at the end set of heats. Congrats to the podium Lez, Rob, and Don. The rest of the field had a lot of close inner races congratulations to all for building great cars that lasted for the entire 3 hours of racing with distances travelled over 20 miles on our cars…well done boys! … More 2019 Classic Le Mans IV