Race #15 QRS

Well it did happen, Lezlie was dethroned by not one but two racers….Don & Rob both finished first for the Silver Mustang!  It was a good run for Lezlie while it lasted.  Eight racers for Race #15 made for a lot of interesting matchups and races, thanks to everyone for a great time! … More Race #15 QRS

Race #9 Quail Ridge Speedway

Seven racers made it out to Quail Ridge on Sunday for racing action.   A lot of close races with open wheeled F1’s plus some other cars really standing out in the other classes.  Don’s Slot.it Audi is so steady and eats laps, Rob’s Open 320i just as steady, and all the modern F1 cars are so close in performance.   Some bad luck in the F1 class for Leo, I have never seen two chassis guide holder’s break and both in the same class with his main F1 and backup F1! … More Race #9 Quail Ridge Speedway

Race #8 Canalami Raceway

Race #8 was held at Lez’s Canalami Raceway and basically the battle was for second place as Lez locked up first place fairly early.  We all think his plan was to rattle us with that center lane truck he selected for IROC….and it worked!    Second place was a big battle ending up in a tie between Rob and Don…Rob getting a lucky fastest lap point in Vintage Slot.it preventing Don from having second place all alone … More Race #8 Canalami Raceway

Race #7 Tronson Model Speedway

Congrats to Lezlie for taking home the Golden Cobra Sunday afternoon.  Don made it close winning two classes but in the end Lez prevailed in total points.  Rob had a fantastic day crashing and burning in two classes….maybe there should be a trophy for that!?  Newcomer Ken finished on the podium in IROC showing all of us he is a good driver and a future force!   … More Race #7 Tronson Model Speedway