Race #17 Autodromo Beira Lago

Race #17 ended up a very close finish between Lezlie and Richard for first place with only one point separation, congratulations to Lezlie for his first place.    All it took is a different finish or fastest lap to have made a difference between Lezlie and Richard!  Looking at the results Lezlie finished second in every class, we have never had a overall winner in a very long time (maybe never) that has not won a class.  Henry and Richard each finished on the podium three times (two wins each) but one non podium race each was enough to knock them down and give Lezlie the win.  Congratulations to Henry with his  third place and a shout out to Rafael for his fourth.  I’m not sure what happened to Leo, he is a tough one to push off the podium! … More Race #17 Autodromo Beira Lago

Race #14 Tronson Model Speedway

Congratulations to Lez for winning the Crystal Bowl at the Tronson Model Speedway. Lezlie and Leo were actually both deadlocked at 56 overall points at the end of the day with an equal two wins / two seconds plus both racers received an equal two fastest lap bonus points. Does not get much closer than that so in the end the tie breaker was total laps……..sorry Leo! Shout out to John for finishing third overall…. three of the classes John was in very tight finish decided by a fraction of a lap! … More Race #14 Tronson Model Speedway

Race #11 DCMR

Five brave souls battled the elements to race at the Drummond Court Model Raceway. Lots of close battles and in the end congratulations to Richard for winning Race #11 after finishing with two wins and two second place finishes … More Race #11 DCMR