2019 CAN-AM Proxy MID-BC

The CAN-AM Proxy arrived in Kelowna and raced on Sept 22,  2019 in Kelowna at the MID-BC track.  The CAN-AM cars were fast and nimble on the MID-BC course….. a huge pleasure for Kelowna to host this Proxy.

Congratulations to #35 DRW21 from New Zealand for the win.  DRW21’s Thunderslot  McLaren was a fantastic car to drive for all of us, absolutely glued to the track.    Also congratulations to fellow Americans BrumosRSR and Audi1 for their 2nd and 3rd place results on the podium.  Only one car from Kelowna is entered in the CAN-AM proxy and Rob’s #10 McLaren finished in 4th place.

Link to the round:


canam round 6acanam round 6bcanam round 6CIMG_0518IMG_0513IMG_051720190922_15004420190922_14344720190922_14093520190922_14092620190922_14004220190922_14002120190922_140015


can-am-2019-qualify-1can-am-2019-qualify-2can-am-2019-qualify-3Top Qualifierstop-qualifiers

Pre Qualifying Pictures



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