Classic Le Mans IV


Car Specifications:

2019 Kelowna Classic Lemans rev2

Wow what a fantastic end to our season with the fourth running of the Classic Lemans!  Congratulations to Lezle for the grueling win!  Lezlie’s Lola T70 is a custom car with a livery that looks like it would of raced in the classic time period plus a custom self made chassis underneath the Fly Lola T70 body.   For Lez there was a moment with a mechanical issue in the final set but a minor body tweak was the issue and no major problem otherwise his car ran smooth and fast!  Rob’s Porsche 908/3 managed to pass Don’s Ferrari 412 for second place in the first set of heats and hung in there somehow to stay 3 laps in front of Don at the end of each set of heats.    Congrats to the podium Lez, Rob, and Don.  The rest of the field had a lot of close inner races, congratulations to all for building great cars that endured the entire 3 hours of racing with distances travelled over 20 miles on our cars…well done boys!


Le Mans Overall

Le Mans 1st

Le mans 2nd

Le Mans 3rd

  • Leo car #28 DNQ below 1mm minimum car height



LE MANS Part 1

final mid bc logo 1aq16Screen shot 2019-03-16 at 12.27.09 PM





Richard MatraRichard 917richard ferrarirob 1strob 2ndlez2Leo Lola 1st entryLeo 908 2nd entryLeo white 908 3rd entrydon entryhenning1john entry1ahenryhenry2Henry 3rdKevin FerrariSpare FordGT40rafaelrafael2Rafael3


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