GT3 Proxy Race #6 Massachusetts

On March 22nd the GT3 Proxy continued to Merrimac, Massachusetts to race Round #6 at the River Run track owned by Audi1.    This technical track put all the Kelowna cars to a good test with Rob finishing in 1st, Lez 10th, and Leo 23rd.  Congratulations to the Kelowna boys for another two cars in the top ten.   The GT3 proxy is now onward to Calgary for a race at the Mugello track in April. … More GT3 Proxy Race #6 Massachusetts

Race #17 Autodromo Beira Lago

Race #17 ended up a very close finish between Lezlie and Richard for first place with only one point separation, congratulations to Lezlie for his first place.    All it took is a different finish or fastest lap to have made a difference between Lezlie and Richard!  Looking at the results Lezlie finished second in every class, we have never had a overall winner in a very long time (maybe never) that has not won a class.  Henry and Richard each finished on the podium three times (two wins each) but one non podium race each was enough to knock them down and give Lezlie the win.  Congratulations to Henry with his  third place and a shout out to Rafael for his fourth.  I’m not sure what happened to Leo, he is a tough one to push off the podium! … More Race #17 Autodromo Beira Lago

GT3 Proxy Race #5

The Kelowna boys did very well in Connecticut at the latest GT3 Proxy Race held at the Lee Marquardt Speedway by the Shoreliners Club on Feb 25th, 2020.  Congratulations to Rob – 1st, Lez – 4th, and Leo 23rd for building great cars and having Kelowna represented with two cars in the top four positions.   The next GT3 race is in New Hampshire at The River Run track which could be considered the most technical track in the GT3 circuit.  Good luck to everyone! … More GT3 Proxy Race #5