2017 Group 5 Proxy Kelowna

The Group 5 proxy arrived in Kelowna at the Quail Ridge Speedway track after a  fantastic Calgary run round.   Many thanks to Don, Richard, Henning, Randy, Lezlie, and Rob for the volunteer efforts to run a quality race…..and excellent driving skills displayed!    All drivers were very impressed with all the cars especially with how smooth the cars were, it was sure a pleasure to drive and to see each group of cars get better and better as the afternoon wore on.

Blue lane drivers – Henning & Don,

Red lane drivers –  Randy & Richard

Yellow lane drivers – Lezlie & Rob

Kelowna’s Rob won his second race in a row after winning in Calgary last week.   Lezlie finished 13th and Leo finished 15th

Proxy link:


Group Photo


The Podium

1st Cgyracer (Kelowna Rob) Racer BMW 320i

2nd heli_ca (Edmonton Leon) Racer BMW 320i

3rd Radarek (Edmonton Dariusz) Racer Porsche 935



round 9 2017


Video clip of a few races

Qualifying Results

On Saturday Rob and Lezlie ran qualifying laps in the red lane.  Twelve laps were ran and the fastest lap determined the race order.  New record lap times were set by several cars and the fastest lap record is now 5.579s by Edmonton’s heli_ca (Leon).  5.600s Chilliwack’s F1Fan (Chris).  5.695s Kelowna’s Cgyracer (Rob).

P1020612 group 5 round 9 qualify

Video of Saturday’s qualifying

Overall standings after 9 rounds

overall after kelowna

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