Round #10 Group 5 Proxy Chilliwack

The Group 5 cars made their way to the final round at the Killarney track in Chilliwack owned by “F1Fan” Chris.  A great amount of work was done for this round as video was live streamed on YouTube for both the qualifying and race.   Heli_ca from Edmonton had the fastest qualifying lap time of 3.815s and won the race with the fantastic BMW 320i he built.

The final race results were:

1st Heli_ca from Edmonton

2nd Kelowna’s Cgyracer Rob

3rd Chrisguyw from Ontario

Kelowna’s Leadfoot46 Leo finished 13th while Lez finished 17th in this round’s race.

Round 10 Proxy Link

The Killarney Track


Race Results

race 10

Qualifying Video

Race Video

Car Review Video

Final Standings

The final standings for the Group 5 2017 season were very strong for the group of three Kelowna entries…..well done by all three in a very challenging and competitive proxy!  See you next year!

3rd Rob Cgyracer

10th Leo Leadfoot46

11th Lez

group 5 final

Official podium for the 2017 season

First – Heli_ca,  Second – Gascarnut, Third – Cgyracer


First place & Rookie of the Year: Heli_ca


Event and Host of the Year: KSCC

Great work Kelowna!


Team Winners: Team Canada


Sportsman and Supporter of the Year: Aloha


One thought on “Round #10 Group 5 Proxy Chilliwack

  1. Well done to Team Kelowna and especially Rob for his brilliant 3rd place. You should all be very proud of the high standards you set, from fantastic tracks to a great website and good people!


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