Race #10 DCMR

Race #10 at DCMR brought a new concept – Handicap Racing! Cars were qualified to seed the drivers and to set the handicap. The seeded groupings brought a lot of close racing not to mention stressful fuel stops (some missed fuel stops too!). Congratulations to Leo and John for winning the DCMR race day….you both drove excellent! FYI the crew chief for Team Quail was fired for allowing weak and brittle guide wires on a French car! … More Race #10 DCMR

Group 5 Proxy Round 1

The World’s Fastest Proxy is back for a sixth season! Three Kelowna entrants are competing this year for the right to claim the Group 5 championship title. Round 1 was held at the Targa track in Burnaby. Record times were achieved in the sub 6 second range where the custom timing software had to reprogrammed by the programmer for the sub 6 second laps to be accepted. Congrats to the Kelowna gang for their results! … More Group 5 Proxy Round 1