Race #11 DCMR

Five brave souls battled the elements to race at the Drummond Court Model Raceway. Lots of close battles and in the end congratulations to Richard for winning Race #11 after finishing with two wins and two second place finishes … More Race #11 DCMR

Building MID-BC

The complete story of the MID-BC build that started on November 23, 2018. Thanks to Richard for the plans, tools, material, his garage space, and his time (many days & weekends!) to design and build the framework and table top. Don thank you for the landscaping lessons, landscaping supplies & tools, retaining walls, posts, and trees and most important the moral support! No wonder my track was done so quick with all the expertise and knowledge we have here within our club. Thanks to all! … More Building MID-BC

Race #10 Predator Speedway

Wow talk about pressure on Ken! Going into the final class Ken was behind Lez by one point in the standings but Ken handled the pressure like a true champion and won the Open GT class with the fastest lap thus beating Lez by three points in the standings. Ken remains as the undefeated champion (4 times!) at Predator Speedway, talk about a huge target! Congratulations to Ken for the big come from behind win! … More Race #10 Predator Speedway