Group 5 Proxy Round #3

The Group 5 cars travelled from Seattle across the USA to Merrimac, Massachusetts to run Round #3 at the River Run owned by Audi1. The track is 16′ x 6′ and is very technical, with one of almost everything in it except elevation changes; a chicane, an increasing radius turn, a decreasing radius turn, a disguised hairpin, a constant radius sweeper, a segmented sweeper and three straights. Congrats to the Kelowna cars for their results! … More Group 5 Proxy Round #3

Group 5 Proxy Round 1

The World’s Fastest Proxy is back for a sixth season! Three Kelowna entrants are competing this year for the right to claim the Group 5 championship title. Round 1 was held at the Targa track in Burnaby. Record times were achieved in the sub 6 second range where the custom timing software had to reprogrammed by the programmer for the sub 6 second laps to be accepted. Congrats to the Kelowna gang for their results! … More Group 5 Proxy Round 1

Sports Car Proxy Rounds 1 2 & 3

Two Kelowna cars entered the Sports Car Championship (SCCA) Proxy this year. This is a proxy race series for the cars that ran in SCCA events from 1951-1965. Those include cars that competed in the SCCA National Sports Car Championship (1951-64) and the first 3 years of the SCCA United States Road Racing Championship, which ran 1963-68. Randy entered a Cooper – Ford into the Modified Division and Leo entered a Ford Cobra into the Production Division … More Sports Car Proxy Rounds 1 2 & 3

Touring Car Proxy Round 3

Round 3 was ran in Australia at Steve’s Track on November 7th as the Touring Car Proxy continued it’s trek across Australia. The Kelowna cars both qualified very well – Lez in 3rd and Leo in 5th however the final race results were not so good to Lez where he finished in 11th place. Congrats to Leo for his second place finishing on the podium with his Opel where his car continues to race well. … More Touring Car Proxy Round 3