TransAm U2.0 Proxy Race #4 Luckston Raceway

The TransAm cars continued in Kelowna and ran Race #4 at the new Luckston Raceway which was recently built in the summer of 2020. The SRC Porsche 914’s continued their domination with the same podium result as the previous race at MID-BC. Congratulations to 1st RobNC, 2nd Audi1, and 3rd Big Duhg for the repeat podium finish. … More TransAm U2.0 Proxy Race #4 Luckston Raceway

GT3 Proxy Race #10 Kelowna

The 2020 GT3 season came to a close with the running of the tenth and last race of the GT3 season at MID-BC.  Fantastic results for the Kelowna cars with Rob finishing 1st on the home track, Lez with a 5th place, and Leo in  20th.  Thank You to Lez and Leo for driving along with Rob and Matt for marshaling duties.  

The final overall standings have Rob taking the 2020 championship, Lez in 8th, and Leo in 24th.  Great job Kelowna!!  Time for Rob to celebrate! … More GT3 Proxy Race #10 Kelowna

GT3 Proxy Race #9 Edmonton

Round #9 of the GT3 Proxy continued in Edmonton and raced at the Little Madonie track.  The Little Madonie is a challenging counter clockwise uphill / downhill road course with many twists and turns featuring many challenging corners.  The Kelowna cars fared well despite the challenging road course with Rob finishing 5th, Lez 11th, and Leo 19th.  Many tie breakers were needed as the results were so close in many positions. … More GT3 Proxy Race #9 Edmonton