Sports Car Proxy Round #7

Round #7 of the SCCA Proxy was held in Ohio at the Herman P. Finklemeyer Memorial Race Park. The track has a footprint of 8′ x 24′ with 86′ of running surface. All four lanes are exactly the same length and the best lap times are within a few hundreds of a second of each other. The track has 4″ lane spacing, an SRT lap counter, and a 30 amp power pack. There are five monitors in the overhead scoreboard, two for the drivers, one for the race director, and two on the other side for everyone else. Congratulations to Randy for finishing in 9th and Leo for finishing 15th. … More Sports Car Proxy Round #7

Sports Car Proxy Round #6

The cars have moved onto Round 6 at Redfield Raceway located in Sandy Springs, GA. The track is 4-lanes cut into rolling desert hills. Track voltage is 10volts, and track surface is brushed on flat latex. Congratulations to Leo for finishing in third place with his #63 Cobra followed closely behind by Randy who finished in sixth place with the #97 Cooper Monaco. Congrats to both of you! … More Sports Car Proxy Round #6

Group 5 Proxy Round #3

The Group 5 cars travelled from Seattle across the USA to Merrimac, Massachusetts to run Round #3 at the River Run owned by Audi1. The track is 16′ x 6′ and is very technical, with one of almost everything in it except elevation changes; a chicane, an increasing radius turn, a decreasing radius turn, a disguised hairpin, a constant radius sweeper, a segmented sweeper and three straights. Congrats to the Kelowna cars for their results! … More Group 5 Proxy Round #3