GT3 Proxy Race #7 Calgary

The GT3 Proxy continued over the border into Canada and raced at the Mugello Track owned by Tom M.  Tom and his son raced the GT3 cars and drove the cars very well plus recorded the race on Facebook.  In the end the Kelowna cars ran fantastic and finished Rob 1st, Lez 7th, and Leo 22nd.  The cars will be off to Edmonton next.

Link to the Forum


GT# Proxy Race part 1


GT3 Proxy race part 2


GT3 Proxy race part 2.5


This is, part 3 and the race finale of the GT3 Proxy cars at Mugello. These are the top 6 qualifiers. The mark to best is 90.0 laps currently held by Zach M, with the rest of the provisional podium held by Camber with 89.8 and Lez with 89.0.











GT3 Proxy Season Overall


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