Group 5 Proxy Round 1

The World’s Fastest Proxy is back for a sixth season!  Three Kelowna entrants are competing this year for the right to claim the Group 5 championship title.  Round 1 was held at the Targa track in Burnaby.  Record times were achieved in the sub 6 second range where the custom timing software had to reprogrammed by the programmer for the sub 6 second laps to be accepted.  Congrats to the Kelowna gang for their results!

Third – Rob – BMW 320i

Fifteenth – Lez – BMW 320i

Seventeenth – Leo – BMW M1

Cameron who visited us here in Kelowna a couple years ago won the round and Chris from Chilliwack finished second.

Link to the Round:

Gp 5 Rnd 1 results

Video of qualifying and racing


The Kelowna Cars



Leo “Leadfoot46”


Rob “Cgyracer”


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