Group 5 Proxy Round #8 Calgary

WOW a big surprise win for Kelowna in Calgary!  The Group 5 Proxy stopped for a race at the Rocky Mountain Racers Club on their Silverado track in Calgary.   The Calgary fellas did a great job streaming both the qualifying and racing on Facebook.

Kelowna’s results were fantastic with all three cars finishing in the top ten.

1st – Rob

9th – Lez

10th – Leo

A few details of the track.   Silverado is a 3 lane braided track. Foot print is approx. 18×8’sh at its widest point. Long straight (16’+) with an interesting array of driving curves.   Lap length is in the 63′ range. Lane spacing is 4″. Voltage usually a shade over 10V.

Videos of the qualifying and racing can be seen at RMR’s home page:

Link to the Proxy thread page:

Order of cars after qualifying




Squeeze Sections6448A857-8198-43E9-A81E-D362080EBE61_zpsnlrzi4832D1DC93E-3A22-40DC-A59F-A20EFE909ED7_zpskcadeiv4

Final Results

race 8 calgary

Standings after eight rounds

overall april 18

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