Group 5 Proxy Round #1

The world’s fastest proxy started off with a bang in Maple Ridge, BC at Roger’s beautiful newly built MDF track running at 10 volts.  The cars were flying and very well driven to achieve maximum laps for the fantastic cars in this proxy.  Earlier in the day the three local Kelowna cars  performed very well in qualifying, all three Kelowna cars ended up in the top six qualifying.  Leo qualified in third place with a very zippy car followed closely behind by Rob in fifth and Lez in sixth.  The race itself was live streamed on YouTube showcasing the great driving skills of the lower mainland drivers.  At the end of the day Rob finished on the podium tied for 2nd with his BMW M1, Leo’s BMW M1 finished 11th, and Lez’s BMW M1 in 14th.  Congrats to F1Fan Chris Struwig from Chilliwack for the big win in his BMW 320i.

Link to the Proxy Round:


If you watch nothing else: watch the 5 minute heat with Rob’s and F1Fan’s car starting at 2:13. This is one of the BEST 5 minutes of precision, consistent, breakneck speed almost door to door driving ever! Brilliant car preparation and brilliant driving by Dan & Duke!

Race Standings

round 1 result

The Podium


Roger’s Track

maple ridge

Leo’s BMW M1


Rob’s BMW M1


Lez’s BMW M1



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