Race #9 Predator Speedway

Three KSCC Members and one guest from Predator Ridge showed up for our first race after New Years. A GREAT deal of laughter  highlighted the day. Predator speedway is a very difficult technically changing track. The only track in the Kelowna group of tracks that has braided contact strips adds to the difficulty.  The first class raced was TRANS AM. Ken came out on top along with the fastest lap. Second class was early F1 class with Ken winning the class along again with the fastest lap. Using a John Players Lotus never raced before. Third class was Slot.it Group C. Again Ken won the class with a never raced Toyota 86 C with the fastest  lap. Final class was the open class. Lez won the class with Ken taking the fastest lap. A two lap penalty for a jumped start was the difference in the race.


Early Wing F1

Group C

Open GT

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