Race # 7 Tronson Model Speedway

A great day at Tronson Model Speedway saw 5 club members, Chris who we haven’t seen for a long time, Henning our host, Leo, Lez and Matt all battled it out to try to overcome Leo and his fast fleet of flat (some glossy) black cars. In the end it was a valiant effort by everyone, but led to NO GLORY for any except Leo as he dominated the day in each and every class. Although not always the quickest lap times or even the best median times, somehow Leo managed to get in the most laps in every class. Lez had the Best Lap time in the Nascar class. It was nice to see Henning with a Best Lap time in the Classic F1 class. He was the only one to drop into the sub 5 second range there. Even Matt had a Best Lap time in the Classic Endurance class with his Scalextric GT40, however that wasn’t enough to overcome his driving. None of those Best Laps were enough to overcome Leo’s consistency all day. In addition Leo did pull off a Best Lap time at the end of the day in the Group C class. It appeared as though the Low Fuel warning once again played havoc on a few including Leo, but none of it was to deter him from victory. Well done Leo. 

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