Race #6 Rogers Raceway

What a great day of racing with six club members showing up at Rogers Raceway with, Ken, Leo, Lez, Henning, Matt and our host Henry. Congratulations to Henry for winning the overall at Race #6 followed by Lez in 2nd and Leo / Ken tied for third.

From there we jumped into the IROC class with 3 cars supplied by Henry. He had a trio of Ford GT’s, with a matching set of orange Fly’s and a Scalextric. These all were all highly modified and matched to within .1 of a second by our host Henry. Unfortunately one of the 2 identical Fly cars developed a tire rub or gear/engine issue that was unable to be overcome during racing and progressively got worse slowing down the final 3 drivers in that lane with Matt getting the worst of it.

The day started off with the NASCAR class, typically the slowest class for most of us, except Leo. Isn’t that his fastest car?

Following up the IROC races was the Classic Endurance class with mulitple Fly & Scalextric cars showing their speed, stability and how consistent the class is. The driving was so close that when the points were tallied the middle of the pack had Henning, Leo and Matt all only 0.02 sections apart in the number of laps overall.

Our last class the Group C cars was a very fast group of cars. Once again Henry taking top spot despite a wire issue that pulled him out of one heat briefly.

It’s looking like the new Slot.it Jaguar XJR10 may turn out to be a quick Group C car with some proper development, as right out of the box without glued tires it was super stable and within a couple of tenths of the fast cars. Looking over the specs listed on Pendle it’s 2mm wider in track, however taller and shorter in wheelbase in theory. However when doing a visual comparison to a 956 in my box the Jag’s track is actually narrower due to the fender skirts. It does however have a significantly longer wheelbase. Likely 7 or 8mm longer. The overall car length isn’t much longer, however the rear axle/wheels are set back much further on the chassis.  More development time may turn this into a great car. Time and work will tell.

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