F1 1967 Scratch Build Proxy Rounds 1 & 2 Quebec

Race #1

Congratulations to our own Richard H for his third place podium finish in his first Proxy race! Richard’s #17 “dirty” Cooper proved to be the giant killer, much as it had in the 1967 South African Grand Prix. It won every heat in his group and was remarkably consistent across all drivers, both in terms of fastest lap times and lap count.
A little about the track, Mesa Roja in Baie D’Urfé Quebec is a Ninco plastic track powered at 10 volts. This is the only plastic track in the proxy. There are a couple of long straights and some tricky technical corners with a bit of elevation change over the 73 foot lap length. Grip is very good for urethane and rubber tires.

Link to the race thread:


The Mesa Roja track in Baie D’Urfe’ Quebec


Round #1 Results


The Podium



Richard’s #17 in third place


#17 In Action!




Race #2

The second race of the series was ran Sept 23rd at the home track of Slot Car Corner Canada, Circuit Courville in Quebec City. Track is 57′ long, all lanes of equal length. 3.5″ between each lane. MDF with three coats of latex paint, applied with a foam roller for a smooth surface. It has braid and a dead strip. TrakMate timing material with Race Coordinator software. The power supply is a Pyramid, usually used around 10 volts for «standard» motors. The track has a fast section and a pretty technical one Best tires are silicone (by far), with rubber being pretty good also. Urethane is just a bit slower than Slot.it or NSR rubber.
Local racer Richard Hewitt’s #17 Cooper T79 Climax finished a very strong seventh place. Another great finish!

Link to the race thread:

Race #2 Results


Circuit Courville


The Podium


The Grid



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