Touring Car Proxy Round #1 Australia

Race 1 of the new 2017 Touring Car Proxy was run in Australia on October 11 and as predicted the lap record for this class was broken by 4 cars – One of them was Cgyracer’s (Rob’s) Peugeot who finished 4th.  Lez it was reported had traction problems ended up 19th.  Congrats to Dariusz from Edmonton for winning the race.

Some cars had problems which put them at the back of the field but overall they were good to drive. Tyre grip was the deciding factor, if your car didn’t like ferrodore then it finished down the standings.

Track length ——— 21.5 metres
Length of straight — 6.5 metres
Surface —————- ferrodore
Braid ——————- tinned copper
DTM lap record —– 6.379

Link to the Proxy Forum

Race Results


Lez’s Opel


Rob’s Peugeot


The Podium and finishing order


Race Day!



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