Race #1 Canalami

Race#1 of the new 2016-17 season saw five racers at Lez’s Canalami track. Newcomer Ken from Calgary made the big move across the mountains to join us…welcome Ken! Congrats to Lez for winning the day…can’t recall ever seeing three racers within a point of each other, very close!    In TransAm, Leo’s Camaro was the class of the field so smooth running and quick. In Nascar, one very fast heat had Lez chasing Rob and Lez finishing with 33.90 laps to Rob’s 34.00 laps….does not get much closer than that! Slot.it had close racing with five different cars in the field and the cars of Lezand Rob hitting the 6.0 and 5.9 second threshold….supper quick! Newcomer Ken cracked the podium in IROC with nerves of steel in the very first class we raced…well done!

race 1 finalP1020730slotitP1020728taP1020725nascarP1020727irocP1020723

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