Group 5 Proxy Round #4


The Group 5 Proxy resumed in Connecticut at the Shoreliner’s track Wayne’s World.  The Shoreliners have hosted many many proxy races.   Wayne’s World track is no run of the mill MDF track. A great deal of thought was put into every aspect of this track. Notice there are no 90 degree turns. How about the long bending straights? Check out the large 180 at the end of the front straight. Look very closely as the tight S turn. These all put a premium on handling and a well sorted car! Throw away those big motors as they’re useless here. A good chassis setup with properly trued tires and a car motor combo with good/smooth brakes is what’s going to get you around this track. The track surface is latex that has been wet sanded smooth as a baby’s bottom which maximizes traction. There’s no loss in this track as power to the cars if fed by braid that is slightly recessed. Voltage is set to 10 and maintained by a 20 AMP regulated supply.

Congrats to the Kelowna cars who finished 4th – Rob, 10th – Lezlie, and 16th – Leo.

Qualifying Video

Link to the round on SCI

Round #4 Results

round 4 pictures

The Podium




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