The Finals – 1967 GP of Canada Proxy

The final two rounds 5 & 6 of the 1967 GP of Canada Proxy came to a climax with an unplanned double header at the Cornwall Autodrome, hosted by Marek and the rest of the West Island Montreal and Cornwall Racing and Supper Club (WIMC). They decided to add a “wild card” element to the event by staging the first race in reverse direction. Both rounds ran a full 12 minute race length and each had a different team of drivers at the controls, so they expected finishing orders might be quite different. As is turned out, there were significant variations in the results with the notable exception of the top two.

The #17 Cooper car of Kelowna’s Richard H also had a seesaw final weekend, with an oh-so-close-to-podium 4th place in Round 5 followed by a disappointing 12th in Round 6. That landed the #17 car in 7th place for the Final Overall Standings.  Richard as well finished a fantastic second place in the voting for the Concours D’Elegance placing second place with his carved wood “race-dirty” finish.

Link to the round:

The AUTODROME in Cornwall Ontario is a 3-lane track with an average lap length of 65 feet, routed on MDF, painted with flat latex, copper taped, adjustable power supply though it usually runs at 10 volts. Urethane tires are the best choice at the Autodrome (Marek makes his own). Rubber tires (like NSR) are great initially but soon pick up the urethane dust and the grip degrades after several laps


Round #5 Results


Round #6 Results


Proxy Final Standings


4_Lotus47_Honda13_BRMConcours D’Elegance






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