Round #5 Touring Car Proxy

The Touring Car Proxy continued in Australia  at a track belonging to Difinity.   Kelowna’s cars finished 2nd – Rob (Cgyracer) and 15th – Lez, well done on a tough twisty track.

Difinity’s track is a series of technical sections that can catch you out if you don’t pay attention for the whole lap. Track length is almost 12m, the straight is 3.5m long.  The hairpin at the end of the straight is particularly nasty with it’s off camber slope. If your car has poor brakes it’s not going to like the inside lane.  The rest of the track is a collection of curves that look easy but getting a good clean lap requires a lot of concentration.

Link to the round:


Round #5 Results


Video of Lez’s Opel

Video of Rob’s Peugeot


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