Race #2 Scaleauto Gear Up to Win MID-BC Speedway

The Kelowna Slot Car Club was one of 300 clubs and one of only 2 in North America (both in Western Canada) who were selected by Scaleauto to participate in their Gear Up & Win race program. Being involved in this program offered up discounted pricing on their 911 GT3 Cup cars plus free spares including lexan interiors & windows as well as a large selection of additional sets of rear AS25 tires to fit the 911. In exchange we agree to host at least 4 races and then promote the events when possible as well as send them details of our events.

Here are the results from Race 2 of our Scaleauto Gear Up to Win event hosted by Rob in Kelowna at MID-BC Speedway. The Podium consisted of Rob, Lez and Henry at the end of the day. There sure was a lot of consistent laps every round!

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