GT3 Proxy Rounds 1 & 2

Three Kelowna entrants entered the 2020 GT3 Proxy: Leo, Lez, and Rob.  We will follow the boys this season again like last season in the Group 5 Proxy.  The GT3 Proxy was previously the Group 5 Proxy…….same Proxy brand just modern GT3 cars now.

LEZ – Corvette #54


ROB “Cgyracer” – Corvette #10


LEO “Leadfoot46” – Lamborghini #46


Round #1 Vancouver

The first round was ran in Vancouver Dec 13th, 2019 at Perry’s “The Rocket”.   A very fast track, the NOS must of been turned on Rob’s car as the #10 Corvette finished first, Lez came in at eleventh and Leo finished Eighteenth.

round 1round 1around 1bround 1c


Round #2 Seattle

The second round was ran Jan 1st, 2020 in Washington State at the track belonging to “The Professor”.  A tight circuit that Lez’s nimble car was able to handle with ease finishing 4th, Rob finished 10th, and Leo in 17th.

round 2arounnd2

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