Race #4 MID-BC

A large turnout of eleven racers came to race at MID-BC on Sunday and managed to raced four classes with three minute heats and still finish by 4:30PM.    Congratulations to the Race #4 podium  –  Rob 1st, Leo 2nd, and Henry 3rd.

Fuel was in use and several racers lost laps with trucks rolling through the pits (Rob!) and forgetting to watch their fuel gauge (Matt, Kevin, others…!).  Congratulations to rookie Matt for his podium in the Vintage American Trans-Am, tough feat with such a large group of racers!  Leo finished first in Nascar with what seems like an unbeatable NASCAR on steroids!  Robs stock inline orange motor Nissan finished first in Modern Slot.it while Rob’s Pioneer Mustang was unleased to challenge Leo’s award winning Camaro to take first.















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