Touring Car Proxy Rounds 1 & 2

Round #1

The 2018 – 19 Touring Car Proxy kicked off in Braidwood, Australia at Andrew’s Track on October 10th.  The two Kelowna entrants finished a fantastic 2nd – Leo (Opel) and 4th – Lez (Mitsubishi).  Well done guys!!

Link to the round:

Final Results

race 1 final

The finishing order.  Congrats to Leo on the podium in second place and Lez in fourth place.


Leo in the blue lane.

Lez in the blue lane

The Track


Leo’s #46 Opel


Lez’s #3 Mitsubishi



Round #2

The Touring Car Proxy continued in Australia and race #2 was held at Alvaro’s Track on October 24th.  Again the Kelowna cars finished with excellent results Lez in 3rd and Leo in 5th.  Nicely done!!

Link to the Round:

Race #2 Finishing Order


Video – Lez in the Red Lane Leo in the Green Lane

The Track



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