TransAm Proxy Final Round

The final round of the TransAm Proxy was ran in Colorado at Palmer Divide Raceway.  The Kelowna cars in the O2 class all finished in the top twenty with Lez finishing 5th, Rob 10th and Randy 16th.  Lez’s car in the U2 class finished a fantastic 4th in the small car class.  Lez had a great weekend with his car’s results in all Proxies that were ran this past weekend!

The final standings for the TransAm Proxy showed the Kelowna cars finishing very well in the 45 car field.  Congrats to all!

O2 Class- 4th Rob, 8th Lez, Randy 11th

U2 Class – 8th Lez

Link to the Proxy round:

round 10 TA

The O2 and U2 podium


The Track


The Grid


Final Proxy Standings

TA final standings




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