TransAm Proxy Round #3 The Riverside in Merrimac, MA

Round #3 of the TransAm Proxy was held March 26, 2017 in Merrimac, MA at the The Riverside track belonging to Austin.   The Riverside track is a plastic slot car track modeled after the famous Riverside Raceway in California.   The Kelowna cars finished 12th Rob 70 Camaro,  14th Randy 70 Cuda, and 25th Lezlie 69 Camaro.   Lezlie’s Cortina in the U2 class finished 11th in the 13 car U2 field.

Here’s a link to the Proxy Round:

Round #3 Results

TA round 3a

 The Riversideimage.


Overall Standings after three rounds.

overall TA round 3

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