Touring Car Proxy Rounds 1 & 2

The 2018 – 19 Touring Car Proxy kicked off in Braidwood, Australia at Andrew’s Track on October 10th. The two Kelowna entrants finished a fantastic 2nd – Leo (Opel) and 4th – Lez (Mitsubishi). Well done guys!!

Round #2 The Touring Car Proxy continued in Australia and race #2 was held at Alvaro’s Track on October 24th. Again the Kelowna cars finished with excellent results Lez in 3rd and Leo in 5th. Nicely done!!

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Race #5 Drummond Court Model Raceway

A good day’s racing and very enjoyable. Star drivers Kevin and Robert were absent with flu like symptoms so it was open season for the seven who showed up. Ken showed up wearing Oilers jersey and cap which earned him immediate disqualification from the event but on appeal was allowed to race.

Great fun with the monster classic overweight, top heavy, skinny tire American saloon cars built and provided by Henning. Potential safety threat at the end of the straight where like most American cars of that era suffered from brake fade and executed superb roll overs. With only a few millimetres between the wide bodied cars John nearly lost his fingers whilst marshalling the centre lane which was a close call for all involved.

Great days racing and Ken showed off his skating skills when he spun his Group C wide at turn 1 but kept it in the slot grinding away at near right angles to the track for several agonizing seconds as the marshal waited patiently for traction or de-slot. The Oilers fan held steady and the car proceeded as normal which earned him the driver of the day award.
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Race #4 Canalami Raceway

Thanks Lez for hosting Race #4. Looks like Rob’s lucky Rocky Mountain Racers shirt did the trick helping him win the Canalami Winston Cup Trophy in enemy territory by a slim 1 point margin. Not sure if the lucky RMR shirt will ever come off for another meet hey!? Leo’s Scalextric Ferrari 330 running like times was amazing, setting a new standard and record times I’m sure…..very amazing! See you all next week! … More Race #4 Canalami Raceway

Quail Ridge Speedway Moves!

In 2008 Quail Ridge Speedway was born, first it was known as a four lane plastic track called Lake Country Speedway until it transformed in 2012 to a three lane MDF routed wood track. On September 22 with the help of many helpers QRS moved to Rafael’s home in Kelowna’s Mission area. The move was successful and nobody hurt their back! The day was capped off with a BBQ, nice views of Rafael’s orchard and Okanagan Lake. … More Quail Ridge Speedway Moves!

2018 1st Annual Tourist Trophy

Congrats to Team GVSCC from Vancouver Perry, Alwyn, Chris for winning the 1st Annual Tourist Trophy! Wow what a great weekend joining several slot car communities Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, and Vancouver together. Months and months of planning by Tom M from Calgary and Richard H of Kelowna finally came to be and the event was absolutely fun and a great success. Many thanks to the participants and especially the sponsors!
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Predator Speedway !!

Ken introduced the Okanagan’s latest track  to us at an open house this past weekend.  Looks like a great track and the day was topped off with a BBQ!  I have a feeling Predator Speedway will be a big hit with the group with many races in the future!  Thanks Ken!